We Ain't Trying To Do No Geometry (We Trying to Play Some Games)

by Kentucky Clawson

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    1. Cannibals (Sampler Based 60s Rock)
    2. Masters (Electronic Live Jam)
    3. Caustic (Rock Through an Electronic Lens)
    4. My City (Dark Psychedelia)
    5. Tibetans (Dark Djunda Hop)
    6. Death (Insane Electronic Drum Solo)
    7. 7th Weathers (Poppy Electro Hip Hop Band)
    8. Beaches (Cozy Rock Finale)

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A Record on The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Among other aesthetics and gimmicks. A very genre blast record. I recommend entering mental DGAF phase 4 before beginning the record as it will make the record a more visceral and sweaty listen. But even without, a slight tingle will still occur. If confronted by an apple if then maybe doctors even when they ended up comfortable?


released July 10, 2014

All Kentucky's Fault

Jim plays rad guitars on Beaches

Stephan raps on Tibetans

Vocal samples thanks to The Beach Boys, Dirty Projectors, and the voices of Carl Jung, Sogyal Rinpoche, John Cleese, Peri Eagleton, and Susan Skipper

Did I mention Pulp Fiction?

All of those sampled songs are not being sold but simply given out as a part of this "mixtape" I have created. The $1 is for the single "Beaches" at the end.

This is probably Illegal... but if it gets big I'll sort it out then..




all rights reserved


Stereomother Burbank, California

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Track Name: Cannibals
When they out run the streets
We will all be the meat
Oh our kind will all be broken up
When they hunt in the square
Where your toys all appear
Be prepared or you'll be taken from

When they out run the streets
We will be their meals
Cannibals, animals, all eating as usual
Stuffing their face while they try to stay beautiful
Obsessed with the best meat they can get
Track Name: Caustic
Face to face
Eye to eye
Fist to fist
We check all our sides

Caustic bonds
Frail links
Losing is a common thing

Lost yet another friend today

But if you ever need somebody to talk to....

If you're out on the edge
Track Name: My City
Woke up in a sweat in the coldness of a fire
Nightmares again only sweat can inspire
The truth in your hands
Lie to me, lie to them
Woke in the morning sitting high and pretty
I killed myself so I could kill my city
If I fall, we can fall, we will fall, through it all
It's over again, lie with me as friends
Woke up in the morning sitting high and pretty
Killed myself so I could kill my city
Track Name: 7th Weathers
No fail its all on the nail

White diamonds of blood in the summer
Hands grab at you pulling you under

Drown out in sand
Greet god in the palm of his hand

This was the last stance
This was your last chance
Hit the fucking road jack
This tango was your last dance

hyper real
human meal
skip the fork to cop a feel
From the feet
To the mouth
Nail the coffin down and out

All my life I want money and power
But in my death my goals are looking dour
Use the ruthless
Tear through the meat
Right back down
from the head to the feet
Coming back round
Hear me murder the beat
Like they murdered the street
Settle down take a seat and listen

What a nice day to die
The air is crisp and the wind is right
Nothin beats, we go cold as ice
We get lost in the weather
Track Name: Beaches (Somethings Goin' On) ft. Jim Nelson
A bonfire on the beach
Our skin is sand when it meets
1 and 1 is 2
Just me and you
Oh yea

What's wrong with love baby?
Are we going crazy?
Sit on my lap and I'll make you my lady
I don't wanna lie babe
Somethings Going On

Not a cloud in the sky
Me and you, you and I
Rolling waves at night
Watch for the tide
Oh no

What's wrong with love baby?
Are we going crazy?
Sit on my lap and I'll make you my lady
I don't wanna lie babe
Somethings Going On